Aspergillus sojae Sakaguchi and Yamada
NCAIM Number F.00985
Other Collection Number ATCC 46250, NRRL 6271
Strain Name
Strain Status
Strain History
Previous Name
Typestrain of
Depositor Török, T.
Isolation source
Isolation Type
Restriction Hazard Group 1
Name of Medium NCAIM 0001 - Malt Extract Agar 26°C
Notes and applications

produces L-malic acid (Bercovitz A, et al. Localization of pyruvate carboxylase in organic acid-producing Aspergillus strains. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 56: 1594-1597, 1990.),
produces soy sauce (Proc. Oriental Fermented Foods, Taiwan : 1-14, 1980.)